Mark Moffatt named President of Americana Music Association.

Original article published on The Music Network… view the article here

Nashville-based Australian producer Mark Moffatt has been appointed President of the Americana Music Association. He tells The Music Network that while the term “Americana” is generally seen as meaning alt-country in Australia, it encompasses a wider spectrum of artists in the United States.

“A lot of Australian artists are a great fit for the genre but often don’t realise it and I can help join the dots for them,” Moffatt says. “There is an accessible and affordable industry resource base within the Americana community that could be of great benefit to Australians looking to break in the US on a manageable scale.”

The Association runs the Americana Music Festival & Conference each September. Last year, export body Sounds Australia organised performances by 23 Australian acts, with 11 executives attending. As a result, Mustered Courage left with a US booking agency deal while Newcastle’s Melody Pool and Breaking Hart Benton from Brisbane attracted label interest.



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