Love Is Not For You, My Dear


Produced and engineered by Mark Moffatt at Big Dog Studio, Nashville, Tennessee.
Tracking engineer: John Saylor at Fun House Studio, Nashville, Tennessee.
’14 days’ – Produced and engineered by Phil Graham and Briony Lutrell at Gasworks Studio, Brisbane, Australia.


Eleven: 100 Songs Project (Independent Music Project)

Physical copies are available in select Australian stores. Digital copies are also available online at iTunes.

100 Songs Project

This is a compilation album from QUT’s 2012 100 Songs project. It’s called Eleven: Best of 100 Songs Project 2012 and was released in May 2013.

This is an 11 track album with a bonus track, full of remixed, rerecorded and rejigged tracks from the project that were shortlisted by key people at MGM Distribution, Mushroom Music, Island Records and Music Sales Australia.

Executive Producers: Phil Graham, Andy Arthurs & Mike Howlett

Goodbye to Titanic – CD Single (plus bonus demo tracks)

Rare release – if you have a copy of this CD we’d love to hear from you

Titanic Front Cover

01. More Than You Deserve (demo)
02. World Gone Mad (demo)
03. Titanic

Michael David – Guitars, Vocals
Lee Fielding – Banjos, Vocals
Jen Mize – Vocals

Recorded at Outpost Studios, Hampton, Queensland with additional tracks at Docking Station Studio, Brisbane, Queensland.
Production team included Stephen Bartlett and Garry Smith.


Self titled EP

Original pressing sold out. Available for purchase on iTunes Store.


02. Gilding Lilies
03. Everybody’s Lonesome
04. My Michelle
05. Let It Rain
06. Until The End

Michael David – Guitars, Vocals
Lee Fielding – Banjos, Vocals
Alice McDowell – Fiddle
Shani Forrester – Backing Vocals

Recorded at Outpost Studios, Hampton, Queensland.
Production guidance by Garry Smith of Jamhouse Creative.
Mixed and mastered by Geoff McGahan at Geoff McGahan Audio.


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